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Celebrating Angel Love: A Look at Her Impact on Healthcare

Actress and philanthropist Angel Love is no stranger to saving lives, as she is a registered RN. Having the courage to step out on faith and take on a new business venture can be risky at times. Love takes chances every day, as do we all. Being able to see a need and instantly act on it is a trait that some don’t have, but that’s not the case when it comes to angel love.

Recently, UPSCALE Magazine had the pleasure of sitting down with Angel to discuss everything that is Angel Love. From everyday work to family and so much more, Angel, who started her healthcare scrub line, Life Angels, a few years ago, let us know during our intimate interview that although she is talented at a great deal of things, sewing wasn’t one of them.

Courtesy of Angel Love Instagram

Taking that little detail into account, Love enlisted the help of her grandmother. Angel indicated that she would sketch things out as she wanted them to be and turn the sketch ideas over to her grandmother and aloud her grandmother to literally work her magic. The pair started booming, and because Angel is a registered RN, she was able to increase sales in no time by simply wearing her own brand of scrubs to work.

Nonetheless, it’s safe to say that Love was literally “a walking billboard.” Not only did this creation birth stylish attire for the field, but it also gave Angel and her grandmother a chance to bond and get closer. Working alongside family is nothing short of a blessing—a blessing that ended all too soon for Angel. While at the top of her game with her brand, Angel experienced a devastating blow with the loss of her brother. That blow was felt all through the family, especially one as tight-knit as Love’s. The grief took its toll heavily, so much so that her grandmother fell ill. Her grandmother’s illness was unexpected and sudden. Angel was in tears when she confided in UPSCALE and let us know that her family ended up having a double funeral for her grandma and her brother.

Courtesy of Angel Love Instagram

Nonetheless, after a much-needed break, Angel got back to work. Diving back into work was just what she needed. She took on films and continued to work on her scrub line. Because of her ability to overcome and her determination to see things through, she’s been able to press forward, generate more sales and more clientele for the scrub line, receive several awards for her service to the community, and portray some of the most complex characters on some of your favorite shows.

Her faith and perseverance keep her at the top of her game as she paces herself and continues to find balance. We love that for her. Make sure to follow her and keep up with all things Angel Love.


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