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“We bring our clients’ ideas from their minds into their hands,” shares Brandon McGhee, founder of the Las Vegas, Nevada-based tech incubator Cre8te Technology. We are about to launch our first tangible product into the market. It is a tech luggage line, Omnia Cre8te. There are a few other projects in the works launching in 2022.”

Cre8te Technology “was created to foster innovation and partner with creatives in bringing their ideas to life. Our team of talented engineers are able to take your idea from concept to market. We bridge the gap between concept and execution,” the company markets on its website.

With diversity and inclusion as core values, their services are open to everyone. “It’s our belief that anyone who uses technology can contribute to advancing technology,” McGhee explains.

Fundamentally, the creative inventor is who Cre8te Technology serves. In fact, they have a wide array of clients ranging from college students to CEOs of major companies.

Photo Provided by Brandon McGhee

Here, McGhee reveals what he likes most about the tech industry and the biggest resource needed for a founder’s success.

What do you like most about the tech industry?
What I like most about the tech industry is the fact that I can be unlimitedly creative. There’s always something new. No day is the same. Ultimately, I’m able to be a part of an industry that will lead the future.

Have you ever considered moving the business to Silicon Valley? Why or why not?
I have never considered moving my business to Silicon Valley. I feel it’s oversaturated. I’m all about creating my own lane and doing something different. So, I want my business to be in a place where there is space for me to create that lane and thrive in it.

What is the biggest resource needed for Black founders besides money? How did you come to this conclusion?
It’s definitely mentorship. I would almost even put that before money. This is needed because mentorship gives insight into the industry you’re trying to break into and helps to collapse timeframes of success. It allows you to gain all of the knowledge and hands on experience to avoid pitfalls of those who have done it before you and maybe didn’t have the opportunity to have a mentor and receive that guidance. As a result, I fully believe in sending the elevator back down to help others once you have reached the top.

Who or what are Cre8te Technology’s success stories?
We have done a multitude of apps and software for businesses and individuals, such as Thee Ladies Lounge, Lab Tab, the Zeke Upshaw Foundation, multiple churches, businesses, and foundations. However, our biggest success story thus far regarding tangible items is the Omnia Cre8te Luggage line that will be launching January 2022.

What inspires you to keep going?
Ultimately, what inspires me to keep going is being an inspiration and example for the minority community. Further, I want to be the voice to change the narrative of how we are viewed and what we are capable of accomplishing.

If there was one thing in this world that you could change, what would it be?
If I could change one thing in this world, it would be equality across the board. No matter what race, age or gender, everyone should have the same type of opportunities and access to the same resources to become successful in whatever they choose to do.