Posted on: April 29, 2023 Posted by: Jonell Comments: 0
Jaden and Ja’Braden Linnear

This year the ‘Boss Brothers’ Ja’Braden and Jaden Linnear served as ‘guest hosts’ for the Amyre’s Foundation 1st annual ‘special needs’ gala. The event took place at the Convention Plaza in Irving, TX. The two Upscale Kids are the grandchildren of Letitia Scott-Jackson, author and founder of the nonprofit organization ‘Keeping Families Connected.”

The two honor roll  students were super excited to be a part of this event. “What I love most is having a chance to help other kids. The special needs kids that will be at Amyre’s Foundation party are very nice and it makes me happy to help them, ” exclaims Ja’Braden known as “Juju.”

Giving back has been a way of life for the two brothers who now  have set a goal to become millionaires and dream to work on Wall Street. They started  their first business venture by becoming authors and penned the book “The Adventures of Bedtime Alphabets with Jay and Juju.” During the interview Jay gave me the following advice, ” when you get your paycheck make sure you put some money aside for gas and invest a few dollars and put the rest in your bank account.”

Those were some great money tips. These two Wall Street bound Texas natives are certainly moving in the right direction under the tutelage of their successful business minded grandparents. Congrats are in order for Jay and Juju being our first featured Upscale Kids.