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Black Art In America Announces Special Exhibition Landscapes for  Richard Mayhew Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Mayhew’s Birth 

ATLANTA, March 2024 — Black Art in America Gallery (BAIA) is excited to announce the special exhibition Landscapes for Richard Mayhew. Set to open April 4th 2024, this group exhibition will pay tribute to renowned artist Richard Mayhew on the 100th Anniversary of his birth. With a career spanning more than seven decades, Mayhew’s artistic practice links America’s earliest art movements with contemporary art making.  

Born in 1924 in upstate New York, and currently residing in California, Mayhew taught and  promoted art at a wide variety of universities and institutions. He studied with the famed Art  Students League and was a founding member of the historically renowned Spiral Group.  Mayhew’s early and deep reverence for nature caused him to gravitate to the art of landscape  painting.  

Fully embracing his medium, over a dozen prominent African American artists will honor the  legacy of Richard Mayhew through landscape painting. Paying homage to Richard Mayhew’s  extraordinary career—this group of contemporary artists will be presenting profoundly intimate  works inspired by his philosophies and creative sensibility.

Hosted at Black Art In America Gallery and Sculpture Gardens in the month of April, the exhibit  will also feature a number of public programs and talks related to Richard Mayhew’s legacy and  practice. Faron Manuel, Director of the BAIA Foundation and Curator at BAIA Gallery notes that “now nearing a century of life experience, Mayhew has been both an observer and contributor.

Participating artists include: 

Richard Mayhew, Dean Mitchell, Mason Archie, Charly Palmer, Najee Dorsey, Lillian Blades,  Freddie Styles, Ted Ellis, Norma Morgan, Emma Amos, Najjar Abdul-Musawwir, Curlee Holton,  Traci Mims, Jamele Wright Sr., Cedric Michael Cox and more. 

About Black Art In America: Black Art In America Gallery and Sculpture Garden is located at  1802 Connally Drive, Atlanta, GA 30344. Through its website ( and  quarterly publication, BAIA has become the leading platform for individuals seeking information  about African American art. 

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