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We made it through the holidays and on to a new year! So it’s here. The time of year when many people decide they want to make a few lifestyle changes, resolutions or set new goals. The most common promises we make to ourselves is “I’ma start working out again” or “I’ma get my first gym membership”.

Well congratulations on making that decision! Now let’s actually put it into action. We need a plan so that this does not turn into another failed attempt at a “New Year’s resolution”.

The Guide:

1. Don’t be Gymtimidated.

You may encounter a lot of “gym heads” or “fanatics”, basically really fit people who make it look like getting in shape is what they do for a living. Don’t worry about them, you will get to that point. Focus on your journey! We all have to start somewhere!

2. Set realistic goals. 

For example, “I want to lose 10 lbs over the next three months” … that’s a realistic goal! Make a decision about what you want to improve or achieve as it pertains to your body. Everything you do will be fueled by this goal. This will help you stay on track.

3. Have a plan. 

To avoid aimlessly walking around the gym, have a plan for that day. Before you go into the gym, make a decision about what you will work on that day. Most gyms have designated sections for cardio, back, legs, upper body, abs, free weights, machines etc.

4. Basic necessities. 

A lock to secure your personal items in the locker. Don’t be that person using the gym equipment as your personal coat rack. A towel to wipe off your sweat after using machines; no one wants your germs. Water, to replenish your body from the sweating and music.

5. Warm up please! 

The last thing we need is you injuring yourself on the first day. Then you may never come back! You need to get your blood flowing and muscles warm so they don’t tear too much when you train them. Cardio and dynamic stretching are good warmups. Shoulder circles, arms swings, side bends, leg swings, and lunges, etc…

6. Try Everything.

Shock the body! Try new things at each session. Each session should include more than three exercises for each muscle group. Don’t make two consecutive sessions the same muscle group. Test your body and see what exercises are right for you.

7. Recovery is important!

You have survived your first workout at the gym! Woot woot! Congratulations! Now refuel properly. Eat within 30 minutes’ post workout. Protein is a must, skip the fatty foods. Protein repairs the micro-tears in your muscles after a weightlifting session. Healthy nutrients to quickly reach your muscles.

8. Go Back Tomorrow! 

You have to be consistent if this is going to work. In the beginning, commit to three days and increase.


-By Tahlee Mambia of