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Cora Christian is a celebrity body-contouring expert. The Beyond Beauty founder is the first Black woman to create and manufacture Body Sculpting Ice, which is a safe, non-invasive way to the “perfect body.” Christian’s mantra is “Before you go under the knife, get ice.”

From Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj to Keyshia Cole, body transformations — Liposuction, Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) and Breast Augmentation — are simply a part of the beauty culture, which among other things focuses heavily on physical appearance and aesthetic. In truth, there’s no shame in nipping here and tucking there. Notwithstanding, no matter how great the results may be, there are risks involved. And, they can be life threatening. A tummy tuck, aka abdominoplasty, is major abdominal surgery.

“I don’t think people realize the actual dangers of surgery, period. Right now, it’s so glorified. Social media plays a big role right now into what people think they should look like. It’s definitely a lot of risk involved. When you have to be put to sleep, you definitely need to know what you are getting into and who is performing the surgery on you. Do your research on the doctors and the clinics,” she advises.

“It can cause a lot of complications, including nerve damage and bruising of organs, abdominal muscles and lungs.”

Beyond Beauty Celebrates Four Years in Business

Christian takes no back seats or shortcuts. It’s all about the safety for her. She helms the successful beauty spa, Beyond Beauty, which is headquartered in Jackson, Mississippi. “It’s a med spa. We specialize in non-invasive procedures. It’s a safer option than going under the knife. I am not saying all surgery is bad. There are cases where you will need surgery. There are situations where our services won’t help, in cases with women who have lost a lot weight and they have saggy skin. And, the women who’ve had multiple Caesarean sections may require cosmetic surgery.”

Post-op care is a service Beyond Beauty of Mississippi provides. It includes lymphatic massages. “The main thing we focus on is the safer options which is the non-invasive way.”

Christian is an advocate for women to look and feel their best. She has worked with “Married to Medicine’s” Dr. Contessa and “Love and Hip Hop’s” Alexis Skyy, among others.

Why she started the business…
“It was accidental. I wanted to create something for my clients in my spa to receive amazing results. It wasn’t something that I expected to grow so big where there are so many spas in other regions utilizing the product, and I never expected to receive a lot of recognition.”

Formal training in this technology…
“I did Cool Sculpting at another spa where I worked and they used a machine. In fact, I understood how to activate thermogenesis. Therefore, I figured I could create something topical to help clients lose those inches and get lipo-like results.”

Qualifying background…
“I worked at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in their plastic surgery clinic as a CCMA, a certified medical office assistant. When God gives you a vision and you follow it, great things can happen.”