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Calling all book lovers and enthusiasts; make room on your bookshelves this fall and brace yourselves for an intriguing new book from multi- published author Robin Allen.

The captivating book, It’s Complicated: A Novel, was released in July and has since been creating quite a buzz.

Author Robin Allen attends a book signing at VA Highlands Bookstore

It tells the complex, multi-plotted story of character Sage Kennedy- a communications manager for a powerful leader in Atlanta, Georgia.

The story unfolds with Sage waiting to find out if the mayor of Atlanta is elected governor of Georgia. As mayor Cameron Hudson is elected in a controversial race, the challenges of the position are immediate as the new governor strategizes and enacts ground-breaking legislation.

This leads to threats from dissatisfied constituents, as Sage is caught in the middle of power moves and death threats.

Author Robin Allen attends a book signing at Medu Bookstore

The story is also centered around Sage’s deeply committed relationship with attorney Ramion Sandidge, who had ended his relationship with another attorney, Edwinna Williamson.

 Edwinna becomes an obsessed and manipulative ex-girlfriend who is determined to stop their wedding and destroy their relationship.

When Ramion decides to run for a state senate seat, Edwinna decides to run against him, setting scandalous actions in motion.

As the story continues to unfold, find out if Edwinna’s dirty deeds unravel Ramion’s future plans and if certain family secrets are resolved.

Allen tells upscale that she is very pleased with the positive reactions her book has had so far from readers, following her book launch event and book signings.

“I’m excited because people are actively buying my book all around the country. I have been invited to attend other book club meetings in person and virtual. I was very excited when I received several requests to participate in author presentations, including an email from a librarian to be featured in a ‘meet the author’ discussion. I was also featured on a podcast where I had the opportunity to discuss my book and writing experiences,” said Allen.

Author Robin Allen surrounded by fans as she attends a Book Club meeting

She will also be releasing a book trailer this month.

“The relationship between Sage and Ramion is…passionate and beautiful. So, I will also release a small video that highlights their relationship.

I’m writing a sequel to the book. It will be called: The Sandidge’s: Running the Peach State. In this story, Sage is mayor of Atlanta and will feature Ramion and their three young adult kids and other family members.

“I would love to see It’s Complicated: A Novel become a movie. I have written a screenplay based on the book that I’ve entitled, The PowerSeekers.

In fact, I plan to do a mini-series on my YA novel that will be featured on YouTube. Plus, I plan to release my back titles, along with new books,” Allen explains.

About the Author

Robin Allen has been an author for over twenty-five years. In addition to being a multi-published author, she holds the title of freelance writer and editor with 40+ bylines in local and national publications. These include Hope, Flourish, Atlanta Woman, Today’s Black Woman and Black Elegance.

She’s published five women’s fiction and romantic suspense novels: It’s Complicated: A Novel, Breeze, The Promise, The Best Thing Yet, and If I Were Your Woman. Allen has also published a Young Adult book: The Starters: Unexpected, in addition to being a playwright.

Her play, ‘The Bridal Shower’, was produced by Clark Atlanta University.

She also has experience working with numerous major corporations in Marketing, Communications and Public Relations. She grew up in Pittsburgh, PA and holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Communications from the University of Pittsburgh.

“I was frustrated with reading romance novels, suspense and contemporary stories featuring a cast of white characters. I have always been an avid reader, ever since I learned how to read. I read all types of books—from Steven King to John Grisham to Danielle Steele and many others. These particular writers are still publishing books.

I majored in journalism and literature in college and was exposed to serious literature by Black authors such as Langston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston, Ntozake Shange, James Baldwin and many other books. I consistently read the latest books by Black authors, but I wanted to read something different that was entertaining, informative and reflective of the times.

We have Black mayors in office and many Blacks working in a broad range of professional fields. Why couldn’t we have different types of Black books? So, I decided to write a contemporary book that featured a black woman with the backdrop of current issues as part of the story.”- Allen.

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