Posted on: July 28, 2023 Posted by: Jonell Comments: 0
The Super Lawyer and friends

Reginald Greene who’s known to most as “The Super Lawyer” hosted an amazing mid summer soiree at the Vanity Lounge in downtown Atlanta. The event was supported by Greene’s legal colleagues, medical professionals, Cartiga, Dr Scott Metcalfe, Legal Champs, Colby Campbell aka Mr Plush who’s actually been a longtime friend of “the Super Lawyer”for the past decade.

The last soiree hosted by Reginald Greene was held at the Porsche dealership in celebration of the holiday season. The one thing we know about ‘the Super Lawyer’ is that in addition to winning multimillion dollar cases for his clients; he really knows how to bring together business professionals for a great party.

“At the end of the day I know it’s about hard work and dedication, taking care of my clients and taking care of the community. If I have these things as my goals I know I will always be successful no matter what,” – Reginald Greene

The doctors and medical professionals at the event had nothing but amazing things to say about Reginald Greene as an attorney and a man that is concerned with the community. It was important for Mr. Greene to let other’s know his goal is to help as many people in Atlanta and all over the country. Hosting an event such as a networking mixer was the perfect way to show everyone if they ever get hurt in an accident, have a loved one that gets killed from an accident or know someone that needs his legal services to understand “the Super Lawyer” will provide the best service possible.

Also the event was a great way to come together with those whom the Law offices of Reginald Greene are already working with or hope to work with in the future. Showing support and love outside of the office is an amazing way to build relationships that last a lifetime.