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Aryeé The Gem: Photo Credit- Andrew Salama

With summer heating up, brace yourself for some hot yet inspirational new music by rising artist 
Aryeé The Gem.

The singer/songwriter, who is signed to Saint & Citizen Music Group recently released the first single from her forthcoming EP.

The spicy new song is titled “To It,” and we are definitely feeling the vibe.

The single, which was written by Aryeé and produced by Trakmatik, is based on overcoming obstacles and finding the strength to handle your business  even as you work on building within yourself.

It explores the uncertainty that many of us experience as we grow into the  best version of the person we are meant to be.

“Learning to love me unconditionally was a process! I’ve been through a lot of different shifts in my life. I had a non-traditional upbringing and had to do the work to evolve into who I’ve become. In this song I pay homage to the process of getting through pain, grief, loneliness, and trauma to activate a frequency of moving forward. If the only constant thing we have in life is change, then we all must keep getting to it,” says Aryeé.

Aryeé The Gem: Photo Credit- Andrew Salama

Meeting Saint & Citizen Music artist evrYwhr, on a now-defunct app called Voisey, led to a deal with the label.

“I went from recording projects for SoundCloud on Garage Band to connecting with evrYwhr on Voisey. I feel at home with Saint & Citizen. I found my musical family,” says Aryeé.

Speaking of her upcoming summer EP she related that each song has a purposeful meaning.

“The energy of the music I’m creating now is way more high-quality than I could have imagined. It’s the best music I’ve made in my entire life – from the collaborative aspects of it, the intentionality, the essence…The music I’m making now feels like it matters! It resonates!”

From her musical to fashion style, Aryeé’s vibe is vibrant yet chill, low-key confident, with a strong sense of self, and most importantly, authentic.

Aryeé The Gem: Photo Credit- Andrew Salama

Watch the official music video for “To It” here:

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