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Michael Coleman (artist), Angela Watts (publicist) – Photo Credit Jonell Whitt

Michael Coleman who’s also known as Jiggy-Korean the artist hosts the exclusive “I Know Someone Like You” 3rd Solo Art Exhibit at ‘Rock Steady‘ located  in the heart of midtown Atlanta, GA. The exhibit was basically a sneak peek of some amazing art pieces displayed upstairs at the posh restaurant; and also it was an exclusive opportunity to meet and interact with Jiggy-Korean.

Artist Tondi Reed, an artist on the rise, loves to support fellow artists along their journey as it’s very important to her that creatives stay encouraged and feel supported by their peers. Throughout my one on one interview with Jiggy-Korean, I gained insights into his creative process, inspirations, and the stories behind each piece. The very talented artist had a lot of twists to his paintings and even shared one of his trade secrets. For example, he actually used house paint from Lowe’s on some of the paintings on display.

Being able to capture  the essence of Jiggy-Korean’s vision through his compelling visuals  really gave me a different type of respect for another person of culture; who’s not only dedicated to perfecting his craft but also  does not take for granted the culture of pop art.

Fun facts about Michael Coleman: Since 2017, Michael Coleman has developed a unique style of black and white art in what he calls “Dramatic Pop Art”. Selling hundreds of his pop works, he has been featured in many art exhibitions and currently on tour with the infamous “Trap Music Museum”, God Is Dope Gallery, and many sold out art shows. Jiggy Korean has also outfitted several restaurants and homes with his artistic narrative and continues to grow his brand RVRE CREATOR, bridging the gap between art and fashion.  Jiggy Korean currently resides in Atlanta GA

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