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Photo Credit: Bruce Talamon- Stevie Wonders photographer since the 70’s.

Art Melanated Kicks off “Our Celebration of Stevie Wonder Exhibition” tour

(Atlanta, GA) -Jan 23, 2024 – After raving reviews following Art Melanated’s LA debut at the Andaz, ‘Art Melanated is thrilled to kick off it’s “Our Celebration of Stevie Wonder” Exhibition tour, with it’s first stop in Atlanta, Georgia. This exhibition brings together, esteemed visual artists, from all corners of the nation; all whom are equally enthused to pay homage to the unparalleled musical genius, Stevie Wonder. This highly anticipated exhibition, is expected to have over 350 guests and is being curated by Art Melanated” Founders/creative, husband and wife team Sol Aponte and Jennia Federique Aponte.

Inspired by Stevie’s iconic catalogue of music, Art Melanated’s goal for this celebratory exhibition, is to give Mr. Wonder his flowers, by honoring his legacy and his large catalog of work. In addition, all art pieces will be hearing impaired friendly. “For Stevie it was really important to have sculptures and brail artwork, in the exhibition, that the visually impaired could engage with”– Sol Aponte. A few artists that will be featured in this exhibition will include; Art Melanated co-founder, Jennia Fredrique- Aponte, Chukes, Bart Cooper, Brandon Deener, Shaina Mcoy and more. There will be great music, great food and great vibes! “For us it’s about Art, Community, Culture, Elevated experiences and taking control of our narrative, as people of color through art”– Sol Aponte and Jennia Fredrique- Aponte

Date: 2/2/24
Location: The Thompson Hotel, Buckhead
Time: 7pm-10pm
Attire: Sophisticated Sheek

About Art Melanated
Art Melanated launched in Los Angeles, CA in 2022, by multi-hyphenate, husband and wife team, Sol Aponte and Jennia Fredrique-Aponte. It is a curated exploration and celebration of melanated artist from across the diaspora. Past exhibitions consisted of The Art of Dance (celebrating International Dance Day), Prism Art (a group exhibition featured during Miami Art Week, The Devine Feminine (Opened during Autumn Equinox), Deeply Rooted, a solo exhibition in Celebration of Juneteenth and now Celebration of Stevie Wonder Exhibition,

IG: @ArtMelanated

For Media Inquiries:
Kay Williams
For more information on Art Melanated, visit

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