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As the Senior Fashion Editor of Upscale Magazine, I find myself captivated by André 3000’s long-awaited return to the musical scene with his latest masterpiece, “New Blue Sun.” This 87-minute musical odyssey is nothing short of a mind-bender, seamlessly blending minimalism, experimentation, tribal beats, and transcendent sounds that push the boundaries of artistic expression.

Image: Andre 3000

In this transformative work, André 3000 not only showcases his musical prowess but also emerges as a visionary artist who understands the power of pivoting to deliver what the world needs, especially in times that demand a reset. The album serves as a testament to his ability to provide much-needed “musical healing” in a world yearning for solace.

Image: Andre 3000

Renowned for his distinctive fashion choices, André’s rising star parallels his role as a symbol of how hip-hop can remain countercultural. With André’s “No Bars,” he challenges conventions and proves that true creatives are not confined to a single dimension. This marks one of the most radical evolutions in pop history, reinforcing André 3000’s reputation as an artist unafraid to push the envelope.

“New Blue Sun” takes a bold departure from André’s signature rap style, featuring no traditional bars. The first track, humorously titled “I Swear, I Really Wanted to Make a ‘Rap’ Album But This Is Literally the Way the Wind Blew Me This Time,” sets the tone for an album that defies expectations.

André’s awareness of the unconventional nature of his musical exploration is evident, as he acknowledges that it might seem a little “weird.” However, this deviation from the norm is not a joke, but a sincere expression of his artistic evolution. André’s half-decade journey to master the flute unfolds in the eight tracks that make up “New Blue Sun,” recorded at Rick Rubin’s Shangri-La studio.

Accompanied by some of Los Angeles’ best jazz and avant-garde musicians, including Carlos Niño, Nate Mercereau, Surya Botofasina, Matthewdavid, VCR, and more, André explores the realms of digital woodwind, creating a unique sonic experience. His jazz odyssey, rooted in inspiration from John Coltrane, began with the saxophone, leading to the bass clarinet and ultimately, the flute.

“New Blue Sun” is akin to imagining acclaimed artist Basquiat as a musician, translating his visual artistry into musical tones. It’s a pure excitement, reminiscent of a child seeing bubbles for the first time—an electrifying experience that transcends conventional expectations.

In conclusion, André 3000’s “New Blue Sun” not only marks a significant chapter in his musical journey but also exemplifies the boundless potential within the realm of artistic expression. The fusion of his transformative sound and eclectic style is a testament to the enduring spirit of creativity. As we continue to witness André’s evolution, “New Blue Sun” serves as an anthem of innovation and a beacon for those unafraid to venture beyond the expected. Here’s to embracing the limitless possibilities in fashion and music.

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  1. THIS!!!!!!! I hope this album creates the separation but the togetherness needed to bring likeminded artistic beings together. I’m over proud of 3 Stacks and if he goes off the grid with us never seeing him again then he left us with a beautiful gift.

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