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The moment you get home from work and relax, turn on your favorite show be it streaming or live; you get to escape. Escape from your world and fall into another one. You fall so much do you begin to yell at the screen as though the person you’re watching is actually watching you. Newcomer Aina Brei’yon is the one you’re yelling at. Her portrayals, her poise, her embodiment in these roles will have you gripping your seat all while leaving you breathless. Recently UPSCALE caught up with her during filming to find out just what this young star likes about this industry and how she plans to keep dominating one role at a time.


UPSCALE: First and foremost congrats on everything that you’re doing right now. You’ve been acting for a while. Let’s get into what that journey has looked like for you.

Aina Brei’yon: Thank you so much! My journey in acting has been a wild ride. It started with small roles and auditions, facing countless rejections, but each step taught me something new. Over time, I began to land more significant roles, and my passion for storytelling kept growing. Every project has been a learning experience, helping me to hone my craft and expand my horizons.

UPSCALE: When it comes to the roles you portray, would you ever take a role you feel could potentially compromise your morals and/or beliefs? Why or why not?

Aina Brei’yon: I believe in staying true to my values and principles. While I love challenging roles that push my boundaries as an actor, I wouldn’t take on a role that fundamentally compromises my morals or beliefs. It’s important to me to portray characters that I can stand behind and that contribute positively to the narratives we’re creating.

UPSCALE: Getting into acting is a little different from let’s say twenty years ago. Years ago you had to get “discovered”, now you can literally put yourself on. Walk us through what your role searching was like.

Aina Brei’yon: Today, the digital age has made it easier to showcase your talent and get noticed. For me, it was a mix of traditional auditions and leveraging social media to build a presence. I also made sure to create and share content online, which helped in getting noticed. Not to mention my amazing team at Kreativ Artist. S/O to Jenn!

UPSCALE: What would you say is the biggest misconception about getting into the entertainment industry?

Aina Brei’yon: One of the biggest misconceptions is that success happens overnight. Many people see the glitz and glamour and assume it’s easy to get there, but the reality is that it takes a lot of hard work, persistence, and resilience. There are long hours, many rejections, and continuous learning involved. It’s a challenging journey, but incredibly rewarding if you’re passionate about it. Luckily my all female team does a lot to shelter me from the dog eat dog aspect of this industry.

UPSCALE: Support is major when we’re embarking on anything. How has your support system been?

Aina Brei’yon: My support system has been phenomenal. My family and friends have been my rock, always encouraging me and keeping me grounded. Having people who believe in you and your dreams makes a huge difference, especially during the tough times. They’ve been there to celebrate my wins and pick me up during the losses. Again, I have to mention my all female team who pour into me when I have nothing left.

UPSCALE: What is your dream role that you’d love to portray?

Aina Brei’yon: I’d love to portray a strong, complex character in a biographical film, someone who has made a significant impact on society. Playing a real-life hero or trailblazer, bringing their story to life, and inspiring others through their journey would be a dream come true for me.

UPSCALE: Your new role in Dark Matter is a remake by Blake Crouch. Your character Dawn is said to be breaking barriers and stereotypes. Elaborate on that statement.

Aina Brei’yon: Dawn is a groundbreaking character because she challenges the typical tropes and stereotypes often seen in sci-fi. She’s not just a supporting character but a central figure with depth, intelligence, and a compelling backstory. Her journey in the series touches on themes of identity, power, and resilience, making her a multidimensional character that resonates with many viewers.

UPSCALE: What’s the most surprising thing about this portrayal?

Aina Brei’yon: The most surprising aspect has been the emotional depth of Dawn’s character. While sci-fi often focuses on action and technology, Dawn’s story brings a profound human element to the narrative. Exploring her vulnerabilities, strengths, and personal struggles has been an eye-opening and enriching experience for me as an actor.

UPSCALE: When you think of leaving your legacy, what does that look like for you?

Aina Brei’yon: I want my legacy to be one of empowerment and inspiration. I hope to be remembered as someone who broke barriers, challenged norms, and used my platform to uplift others. Whether through my roles, music, or personal advocacy, I aim to inspire the next generation to pursue their dreams fearlessly and authentically.

UPSCALE: What more can we expect from Aina Brei’yon?

Aina Brei’yon: There’s so much more to come! I’m working on new music, exploring more diverse roles in acting, and even considering some behind-the-scenes projects through my production company, 3K9 Productions. I’m passionate about storytelling in all its forms and look forward to continuing to share my journey with everyone.

Aina Brei’yon is one to watch. She’s not up next, she’s up now and we are glued to the tv screens and loving every minute of it. Let this be your sign to keep going. Whatever it is that you truly want out of life, set your sights on it, plan, strategize and execute. There’s so much more left to be done and the path has been paved just for you so get to walking because they’re waiting for you.

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