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God Makes Perfect Use of Imperfect People!

A common misconception among believers is that when a person receives salvation through his or her belief in Jesus Christ, all negative feelings, emotions, actions, addictive behaviors and strongholds immediately cease. While it may happen immediately, sometimes it does not.  Further, upon this discovery, Christians feel that because they are not perfect, and Christ is, they can hardly be used to advance the kingdom of God and bring others to Him.  That is so far from the truth.  This article features a unique perspective from seven internationally renowned pastors.

In their own profound way, these global leaders share why God wants to use flawed people. Understand that you can overcome addictive behaviors in order to enjoy a fulfilling life that is free from bondage. You can, thereby, truly allow yourself to be used by God to advance His kingdom.

Bishop Dale C. Bronner
Founder/Senior Pastor
Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral
“Flaws Highlight Our Need of God”

Although God calls us to strive for perfection, He prefers that we are authentic about our flaws rather than faking perfection.  Our flaws highlight our need of God.  As God uses flawed people, He highlights the perfection of His love and grace for us.  In fact, it is in the weakness of our imperfections that God’s strength is made perfect. Furthermore, if God didn’t use imperfect people, He’d have no one else to use!

Dr. Jamal H. Bryant
Founder and Pastor
Empowerment Temple AMEC
“Gold’s Value Increases by Fire Endured”

One of the greatest missteps that ministries make in attempting to reach millennials is that they preach perfection but never discuss the process. Alcoholics Anonymous subscribes to 12 steps, but the church promulgates one. The Gospels introduce the word immediately for many miracles but that is the exception not the rule. Diamonds come with a higher price if it has fewer flaws but golds value increases based on how much fire it endures, and that’s how the church should preach the gospel that to shine bright like a diamond is pop culture but come forth as pure gold is the real spiritual expectation.

Craig Groeschel
Senior Pastor
Life.Church (27 locations in eight states)
“If God Calls You, He’ll Equip You”

If you’ve messed up in life, God can and will use you. When God leads you to do something, it’s more about His power than yours. His strength is made perfect in our weakness. 2 Peter 1:3 says, “His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him…” God only needs you to be willing because He created you with everything you need to do everything He’s called you to do.

Rev. Dr. Cynthia L. Hale
Senior Pastor
Ray of Hope Christian Church
“You Are Forgiven”

Everyone has done things that cause you to feel condemned and believe that God can’t do anything great with you. But, when you are in Christ, God has forgiven you through his death on Calvary. When God forgives, he treats us as if the sin had never been committed. That’s because God wants you free to live your life according to the awesome plan he has for you and represent him in the world.

Bishop Dr. Barbara L. King
Founder/Minister/World Spiritual Leader
Hillside International Truth Center, Inc.
“Three to Live Free”

We are three-fold beings: spirit, mind, and body. When you “accept” Jesus the Christ, you must use the principles that He taught and demonstrated to transform your life. These include love, peace, forgiveness, kindness, joy. Your mind and thoughts result in behaviors (whether positive or negative) which are expressed through the physical body and into the environment. As you release negative thought patterns and demonstrate the teaching of Jesus, you reach a higher level of spiritual consciousness that is necessary for a better way of life.  Affirmative prayer and meditation place you in alignment with the Spirit within for guidance to live the free and fulfilling life that God desires for you.

Rev. Herman “Skip” Mason, Jr.
Senior Pastor
Trinity CME Church
“A Masterpiece of Broken Pieces”

Sometimes the best masterpiece comes from discarded material. God will take your broken pieces and create a masterpiece for his glory.

Joel Osteen
Senior Pastor
Lakewood Church
“Grow Through Your Pain”

Difficulties will come, and pain is a part of life. My challenge is, don’t just go through it; grow through it. That difficulty is an opportunity to get stronger, to develop character, to gain a greater trust in God. If everything were always easy, we wouldn’t be prepared for our destiny. God knows exactly what you need, when you need it. Every struggle is making you stronger.


This article originally appeared in the October issue of Upscale magazine.