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As the year winds down, millions of people around the globe prepare to end the momentous occasion by celebrating New Year’s Eve with good food and drinks, the best music and a fashion look that would solidify their chances of having an amazing new year.

Some people are blessed from birth with the ability to match the right colors, pair the best materials and accessorize with just the right pair of earrings. On the other end, some need a little more help than others and there is no shame in knowing when you need an expert’s advice. Memories often resurface via Facebook, Instagram or other social channels and it’s best to not get caught ten years from now asking yourself why did you ever wear that. Bring in the New Year with a gorgeous outfit to set the tone for the best year of your life.

Let’s Meet the Expert

If Fashion were a game, there are certainly only a few that excel playing it. Hailing from the South, Tiffany Walker- owner of Pink Lucy an international fashion haus and household name in the land of all things fashion, is certainly an expert that can play the field. As a celebrity stylist and designer, Tiffany’s southern charm is unmatched and can be found infused into every garment. Believing that woman should be fearless, fierce, fashion forward and fabulous is why she’s the perfect educator for everyone who is trying to pass the New Year’s Eve fashion test with flying colors.

Tiffany Walker’s 5 Fashion Must Haves for New Year’s Eve

  1. Sparkle, glitz and shine are always eye catching options for the New Year’s Eve party. A little razzle dazzle, sets the tone. Think of a sparkly statement making dress or opt for texture with a sequin top and velvet pant.
  2. Jumpsuits are a go to item! There is nothing like a figure flattering jumpsuit that hugs the curves and snatches the waist.
  3. The taller the heel the closer to God, at least that what they say….. There is nothing like a sexy strapped stiletto heel or pump to set the mood and set off any outfit.
  4. A statement making clutch will always set off an outfit. A pop of color, texture, bling… how many times have we mentioned BLING- it gets us right every time.
  5. The perfect fragrance – nothing sets the mood like the perfect scent! Whether you’re a Creed Carmina, Baccarat, or a Flower bomb girlie the perfect scent is a must for the New Year!

It’s Time to Execute The Look

Now that you know the basic’s it’s time to scour the closet and see what you can find! You don’t have to be a fashion expert to look great. Fashion is whatever you wear that you feel good in and you own it. It’s all about confidence, and once you believe you do look good, then fashion is birthed. Always remember, it’s not what you wear, but how you wear it.

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  1. Love her designs! Baby, she is fashion reimagined!!!! That style, spunk, and confidence she has is unmatched. And she’s a girls girl!! I love that about her. That energy honey, yassss.

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