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2017 was a great year for black love. From Remy Ma and Papoose setting the standard for a ride or die couple, to continued Barack and Michelle sightings and of course the Carters it seemed as though we celebrated black love all year long.

Black Hollywood has embraced the concept of “the family that get’s paid together, stays together”. We see individual powerhouses coupling up to create power couples that can’t be stopped. Although we love and celebrate black love at every level, we took the time out in this year review to acknowledge our top five couples of 2017.

Honorable Mention: Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka’oir

From an ultra fabulous wedding captured by BET, Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka’oir definitely wowed audiences with their opulence and material expression of love. We don’t know much about the couple besides the fact that they stayed together while Gucci Mane was imprisoned and Keyshia helped him get himself together physically. Their example lends to the adage that a good woman will upgrade a man immensely. With Keyshia by his side, Gucci Mane is looking like an entire different person and has a new positive outlook on life. This is a great example of what the right woman will do for a man and vice versa.

5. Devon Franklin and Meagan Goode

This power couple were the faces of OWN’s new documentary Black Love and rightfully so. With their beautifully unique love story that they shared publicly to their striking appearances on red carpets and award shows. They are beautiful both inside and outside and we love the fact that they are working to help other couples celebrate their love. Their love planted the seeds for their co-authored book “The Wait.” With this couple we love the fact that the good guy actually won the “hot” girl. Whether you decide to be celibate or not before getting married, this couple makes marriage look great and we love them for it.

4. Remy Ma and Papoose

We jumped from the church to the nightclub on this one but love is love. Papoose and Remy Ma remind us of Mary J Blige‘s hit, “You’re all I need to survive” feat Redman, their love is what hip hop enthusiasts dream about, it’s one that outlives the hardships of life. Remy served almost 8 years in prison and Papoose was loyal and remained in love. Throughout the drama on the show and having a number 1 single, the pair remain each other’s priorities. We love them because their love screams authenticity at its core. They haven’t always had it easy but they’ve always had each other.

3. President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama

We were sad to see them leave the white house, but their standard of excellence will outlive the eight years they served as America’s royal family. Aside from being married for over 25 years and raising two beautiful daughters, we love the fact that Barack and Michelle interact with each other as best friends. From the infamous fist pound to the way they laugh and whisper to each other in public outings, we feel as if they are each other’s #1 confidante and the rest of us are missing out.

2. Offset and Cardi B

This couple comes in on our countdown at number two but Cardi B gets the #1 spot for having the best 2017 ever! While Cardi is enjoying the ride, her commentary shows she loves having her love by her side while she keeps smashing her goals. While some may not agree with the way they express their love, we love the fact that they are young, they are popular, they are on top and they are doing it together! For a young man to have as much money and access as Offset and to celebrate that by proposing to your girlfriend and upgrading her to wife with the entire world as your audience, is a great sign that love and marriage are becoming a goal again for young people. It’s a great message and even though these two are young we are rooting for them to make it to the altar.

1. Jay Z and Beyonce

The Carters have held a special place in our heart for years. The two welcomed twins Sir and Rumi to their adorable little family this year making Blue Ivy a big sister. While we’ve loved their family vacation pictures and music together for years, this year the couple took things to a new level with Jay Z’s most candid album 4:44. The entertainment mogul returned to his rap roots and became more transparent than ever by revealing the issues that almost ruined the superstars picture perfect marriage. Jay Z released candid interview snippets taking ownership of causing his wife pain during their marriage but suggesting he applies the same tenacity he applies to business to his marriage. They refused to quit or give up on each other and as a result the two appear stronger than ever.

Taking the gamble to reveal that marriage and even love itself, isn’t easy, even with every asset was huge and no doubt inspired many couples. It’s why it was a no-brainer for us to make Jay Z and Beyonce’ our #1 couple for 2017.

Whether you relate more to Papoose and Remy , Gucci and Keyshia or Barack and Michelle, we hope that one of these couple inspires you to continue fighting for love and never to give up on it’s possibilities.

Happy New Year!