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Before we cut into that juicy baked or fried turkey for Thanksgiving, many of us are already planning our Black Friday Shopping spree. Black Friday is regarded as the first day of Christmas shopping. Although it is not an official holiday, several states consider the day after Thanksgiving as a holiday for government and most businesses, sometimes instead of other holidays like Columbus Day.

During the course of the year, there has been numerous protests and boycotts. For years I have said that “Marches Magnifies but Money Moves.” Even though I appreciate the spirit and agree with most of the peaceful marches, protests, and boycotts, I firmly believe that action through economics is just as, if not more, powerful. Let’s be real; we are not going to stop shopping. However, we can transfer our spending to businesses that build up and protect our communities.

So this year, I encourage you to transfer your spending to Black-owned businesses. To make it easier for you, here are three easy ways to #BuyBlack on Black Friday.

blackbusinesses1Buy from Family and Friends that have Businesses

We all have family members or friends that have a small or home-based business. Whether they sell jewelry, clothes, trinkets or food, buy small Christmas gifts for coworkers or friends from the people you love. When you buy from your family and friends, don’t ask them for a “hook-up.” They have bills just like you and the other businesses you patronize. So, #BuyBlack with No Haggle.

EbonomySearch for Black Owned Businesses is the fastest growing search engine for black-owned businesses and content. Unlike black business directories, allows you to search for anything and produces results of only black-owned businesses or black curated content. So instead of using Google or other search engines, use to find anything you need during the holiday season and beyond.

Use #BuyBlack Websites to Buy Holiday Gifts

webuyblacklogoYou’re going to buy clothes, shoes, food, toys, and other products and services anyway, so why not buy them from black owned businesses? Since the #BuyBlack movement started, there are several reputable black eCommerce websites available for your shopping pleasure. Websites like,, and, not only makes it easy for you to #buyblack but it connects you to a whole new world of African-American owned businesses in your area and nationally.


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