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It’s that time of the year again! And of course, by now, you’ve likely come across quite a few gift guides claiming to know the premier items that you—the young, black professional—would desire, need, or not even know that you want.

Here is a gift guide, featuring thriving, black-owned businesses, for the fly professional who enjoys their work, but also loves to play.

Check out the picks below:

BKLYN LeagueTee

1. BKLYN League

You work hard, every day, and for what? We’d guess it’s so you can play even harder. BKLYN League invites you to play with like-minded cool kids, connected by their chic, fashionable, quality brand. Get into their totes for when you’re headed out to a festival on the weekend or the gym during the week. Burn their sage and citrus candle when you need to clear your space and relax after long work days, and rep the most thorough borough with a BKLYN flip tee on the weekend or when you’re traveling.

If BK is already in you, here is how to get it on you. All featured items are less than $30.

Cepi Style look

2. Cepi Style

A complete lifesaver for the busy professional who strives to be stylish, but just doesn’t have the time to scour for premier pieces. Cepi Style offers closet edits, consultation, personal styling, and expert insight to make your life even more efficient, while upgrading your image.

Book a closet edit today with an expert stylist today! $500

Benson Watch

3. Benson Watches

It’s been said that you can measure the quality of a man by his watch. Well, entrepreneur Marcel Benson must’ve heard what they were saying, and decided that if they were to measure your quality—and he’d have something to do with it—they would only refer to you as the best.

Wear an exclusive Benson watch, if you’re looking to impress a client, seal the deal or interview, dine out, or simply floss in the office. $299

Scotch Porter Men’s Grooming


4. Scotch Porter

Hey—beard gang! This one is all for you.

There is truly very little like a black, bearded, professional, well-groomed man. You guys are winning, that’s just all to it. To keep you on the winning team, Scotch Porter offers a full beard grooming kit including conditioners, shampoos, balms, serums, and such to make sure that beard is in tip-top shape.

Scotch Porter didn’t only look out for your beard, though. They also recognize that the best compliment to a full, lustrous, beard is a smooth, flawless face. Check out their face wash, scrub, and lotion, which will leave you groomed, confident, and ready to take on the world.

See Scotch Porter’s product line here. $15-20

Bevel Shave Starter Kit

5. Bevel

We couldn’t leave the guys who prefer to keep things fresh and clean out! Founded by entrepreneurial golden child, Tristan Walker, Bevel specializes in providing exceptional shaving products that helps to reduce razor bumps and irritation, while providing a premium shave.

Starter kit: $89.95

Phillip Ashley Chocolates Assortment

6. Phillip Ashley Chocolates

Treat yo’self, while keeping your day sweet and flavorful, with these delectable, creative chocolates. With exotic recipes that include collards, cornbread, brandy, ginger, bourbon, pumpkin pie, and more, Phillip Ashley Chocolates tastily blends unimaginable flavors into enjoyable treats, which leave you curious as to what Chef Ashley will come up with next.

They make for a great gift, or personal rewards following work accomplishments. $15-$84

ONA Backpack – The Clifton

7. ONA Bags

As with most young professionals, off time is creative time. Grab your ONA camera bag for all that you need to head out into the city and capture all the beauty, mystique, and surprise that it has to offer.

Check out the handcrafted Leather Clifton, which is great for not only your camera, but also for your laptop, books, gym clothes, and snacks—all you need to make things happen. $499

(K Squared Nail Polish Image: Instagram/K2NailPaint)

8. K Squared Nail Paint

If the idea of supporting a nail polish line created and owned by two young women of color excites you, then try K Squared Nail Paint. This Brooklyn-made polish is hip and trendy, and the line offers a variety of contemporary colors, including three metallic colors. Each bottle is uniquely handmade and rigorously tested.

Plus, because the polish averages about $3 each, they’d make for a great stocking stuffer—and you won’t feel guilty if you splurge on yourself, as well.

9. MasterMindz Market

A MasterMindz Market t-shirt is the perfect gift for your #WokeBae or friend who loves self expression and black culture. This Brooklyn-based line is geared towards the open minded folks and anyone who appreciates durable, well designed garments.

After trying out their epic “Try Me. Malcolm X” tee, Selena Hill says, “I can’t wait to purchase more products for my family and friends. I love the idea of being fashionable and unapologetically black at the same time.”

Portmore backpack in burgundy and nude pink.

10. Brandon Blackwood Bags

All for the professional fashionista that prefers to keep it hands-free. $575 The durable, top grain leather and suede, Portmore backpack with carry handle and detachable, adjustable straps is perfect for those looking for a little efficiency with their style. With pockets, compartments and closures, this back proves ideal for those who want to look like they have it all—and it one place—-’cause they do.

#BuyBlack and be fly this holiday season. Your style and community will thank you.


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