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I’m on a mission to show and empower the emerging and most unique Black and Brown creative talent of our time. We are creating a pathway of our own and giving way to the new generation of creatives with bold and brilliant visions of the future.

This week, I’m returning with another feature – this time focusing on some of my favorite Black and Brown Stylists and Creative Directors to keep on your radar. Question: Is 2023 the year of the stylist? If the art of putting garments together intrigues you, you’ll want to keep reading. Take a look at 13 black and brown stylists and creative directors dominating the fashion industry.


Photo Courtesy Jermaine Richards

Since stepping foot into the digital space, Jermaine Richards (aka Richie Rich for life) has built a massively large following. It’s been exciting watching the creator. His personal style consists of streetwear staples combined with enviable footwear selections. He’s been one of my fashion favorites for a while on Instagram where he consistently shares his work and his sartorial inspirations. Check out his page where you’ll find plenty of style inspiration. IG @richie_rich_for_life

Photo Courtesy Tony Haute Sinclair 

Derricius Breon’s sharp eye and futuristic taste is what keeps him ahead of the rest in the styling game. If you want to hit two birds with one stone, hire this Makeup artist/Fashion stylist. He surely knows how to get you on top since he can customize and style at the same time. He never fails to think out of the box and can be dubbed as a “Creative Genius”. IG @dreeckbreon


Photo Courtesy Kris Shelby

Photo Courtesy Kris Shelby

Ever wonder who’s to thank for some of the biggest rap artist on-point style? That would be Kris Shelby. He’s an image stylist and creative director who’s been widely recognized for his futuristic and unconventional style. The elite dresser has long been deeply rooted in the entertainment industry; his most loyal client includes Rapper/Entrepreneur Jeezy. There’s something about the colors in Shelby’s work (and sometimes beard) that makes it hard to stop staring at his portfolio. It’s a good idea to follow along his rising career. IG @officalkrisshelby


Photo Courtesy Michelle Lynch

Michelle Lynch is a stylist to the stars; her lengthy clientele includes but is certainly not limited to Martha Stewart, Jessica Simpson, Tandy Newton, Ashley Tisdale, Clinton Kelly and Tyler Perry to name a few.  The stylist and creative is also the founder of, where she manages a team that help execute creative content. If you really want to immerse yourself in the world of styling, Lynch’s account is a great place to start. The real highlights here are the incredible fashion shoots, backstage photos at runway shows and cool ‘grams from her travels across the globe.  Yeah, you should follow her. IG @michellelynchstyle

Photo Courtesy StayFly Thrash

You won’t run short on inspiration if you give StayFly Thrash “The Sartorial Rockstar” a follow. His work spans across genres including bespoke design and thought-provoking magazine editorials. He gets his inspiration from everything around him, and he has a knack for taking clients and making them comfortable with trying something new. This “Stylish” ambassador also loves to bring out powerful statements with his personal aesthetic and styling that makes his muses rise above the rest. IG @stayflythrash

Photo Courtesy Joe Stuckey

Joe Stuckey is not afraid to take risks. He loves to push the boundaries to create the unexpected. This seasoned wardrobe Stylist, Image Consultant, Personal Shopper and Creative Director is known for making his clients look more themselves, he is also not one to shy from politically driven crusades through his styling, such as supporting causes such as his own fashion label,   IG @joestuckeystylist

Photo Courtesy Naliah Lymus

Naliah Lymus. For a refreshing take on fashion that doesn’t rely on current trends, head over to this NYC based stylist’s account. Naliah’s work marries streetwear grit with high-octane touches that’ll have you pressing the bookmark button on a regular basis. While you’re there, check out her vintage finds and they’ll give your outfit a “modest” pop of color. IG @amirah_creations

Photo Courtesy Steffany Allen

If you take a quick look through stylist Steffany Allen’s Instagram page, you’ll see some of the biggest tastemakers in the industry such as Rachel Zoe and Nate Berkus. Her feed is filled with lots of shoes, rolling racks and A-Listers—just the kind of inspiration you’d want from a stylist. Allen got her start in fashion in 1995 when she worked for Manolo Blahnik starting as an assistant in shipping/receiving and quickly being promoted to Manager of Production and Distribution. Allen has caught our eye and gotten us excited what’s to come of the seasoned style star. IG@steffanyallenlimited


Photo Courtesy Evonya Easley

Evonya Easley. If you want to look chic and sleek, give Evonya Easley a call. A fashion professional who has dedicated her career to the art of personal style, Evonya helps shop for busy working professionals or those simply wishing to update their closets. Her objective is to teach her clients how to embrace their own unique styles. She’ll even take you on a personalized shopping tour that meets your interests and budget. Once you’ve updated your wardrobe, Evonya can even help you organize your closet, because to her, an organized closet is an organized life. Add her to your feed for insider snaps and never look back. IG @loveevonya

Photo Courtesy Erica Benoit

Erica Benoit can do it all. With an eclectic clientele that ranges from the C-Suite executive to Patricia Williams, better known by her stage name Ms. Pat. Benoit knows how to transform a star into a fashion It Girl. Take Ms. Pat, for example, whose style has transformed from stand-up comedian to sexy/polished woman since starting to work with Benoit last year. Benoit’s role as a mega-stylist is just her day job. You’ll also find her at her kids PTA meetings and leading philanthropic endeavors. IG @ericabenoit

Photo Courtesy James Massey

James Massey. Who says RTW won’t look fashionable. James Massey is a renaissance man of creativity and style. He proves that putting things together can make you look effortlessly chic. If you want an on-point, polished look, then he’s the right guy for you. And if you are looking for aspirational style moments his IG @iamjamesmassey is a hub of inspiration.

Photo Courtesy Rudy Reed

Rudy Reed. Rudy Reed is a multi-hyphenate NYC creative, building a solid portfolio of styling, and modeling work. Reed’s account is an edgy assortment of editorial and celebrity work that’ll spark inspiration in your own wardrobe. Starting his career under the direction of American costume designer, stylist and fashion designer Patricia Field (Yes, Ms. Sex and the City herself), it’s safe to say he’s one to watch. IG @rudyreednyc


Photo Courtesy Tosin Ogundadegbe aka thestyleinfidel

Tosin Ogundadegbe aka thestyleinfidel, has a distinctive visual style. I consider him a fashion storyteller, amping up generation-defining style and boundary-pushing content. Aside from color, and exaggerated silhouettes, his gender-bending personal style merges the extremes of femininity and masculinity, (I like to say he’s the lovechild of Erykah Badu and Lenny Kravitz) extended into the visual narratives he creates. IG @thestyleinfidel

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