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Three women dressed for spa treatments

Stressed about flirty-girl fall?

Tis’ the season for hurricane threats, debatably dreadful pumpkin spice lattes, and boots made for walking. Whether you reside on the east coast, and the chill is starting to set in, or you’re barely managing with record-breaking scorches down south, autumn is upon us.

This tends to be the point at which we cast down our new year’s resolution to maintain a healthy diet and regularly exercise. Instead, we lean into festive rituals: indulging in one too many slices of pie, chugging ciders of all kinds, and staying indoors. We slowly retreat into isolation, declining invites from friends for the sake of living in our beds. We lose focus; and enter holiday mode. It’s a mental challenge the best of us have yet to conquer. However, we can stay on track by checking in with ourselves and re-imagining what self-care looks like in this quarter.

Keep calm, and mindfully prepare for rest and clarity, one Sunday at a time. Here are some wholesome additions to your arsenal of self-care goods, and they’re infused with tons of black girl magic. 

  1. Craving Chocolate? Fenty Skin’s Cocoa Cleans’r sweetens the pot with its buttery texture, rich ingredients, and clarifying properties. The supple soap bar luxuriates every bath time experience, and it’s even soft enough to use on your face. 
  2. Every lady yearns for fuss-free face routines; and Dr. Rose Ingleton has it covered. Treat yourself to her Effortless 3 Step Regimen. This starter kit includes a tone-enhancing cleanser, a signature moisturizer, and a calming serum.
  3. If you’re suffering from burnout, Brown Girl Jane supplies a wildly-soothing triple threat: CBD Rest Drops, Bahia, a calming perfume, and bergamont anti-stress gummies.
  4. Scents inform our experiences. Transport to a tranquil oasis in the South of France with Mair Peony Silk perfume. Think notes of pear, hints of jasmine, and a warm, musky base.
  5. Pamper your pouty pair with Lip Bar’s scrub and serum (insert chef’s kiss).
  6. Seeking a product that promises natural shine and illumination? Ditch the “glow” oils for Buttah’s  Charcoal Detox Mask. One application leaves your face clean and clear of gunk, making room for agreeable natural oils to peek through.
  7. Body Butter is quintessential. Silk + Noir’s Cocoa Butter & Cashmere version goes on light, yet seeps into your skin, and is the perfect base for layering scents.
  8. A single glass of wine is to be savored, revered as a moment, and not as a coping mechanism. Shoe Crazy Wine’s Sparkling Peach Mango doesn’t ooze of confection, but it sweetly dances on your tongue. And, of course we’ll have it in our Estelle Colored Wine Glass.
  9. Vying for sips that soothe? Sis Got Tea has a satiating sweet potato pie blend that offers delicious aromatics, healing qualities that simply make you feel great, and gives you that comfort food fix as it very closely resembles granny’s recipe.
  10. Implementing a tiny, yet effective weekly indulgence into your routine is healthy. It’s called balance. Zac’s Sweet Shop Chocolate Truffles are definitely something special to look forward to after a long week.
  11. Your pillows and sheets deserve love, too. Harlem Fragrance Company makes a luxury room and linen spray called Lenox that’s a dreamy approach to good sleep.
  12. There’s no better serenade than the soft notes of Keys Soulcare’s Sage + Oat candle.

The last item on your to-do list is to lean into discovery: Explore all 90s RomCom has to offer and binge cult classics like Love Jones, Soul Food, and Best Man (Yes, we stan Nia Long), take a deep dive into Terry McMillian’s ocean of salacious reads, dare to test out some of Ayesha Curry’s favorite recipes, or plan your next vacation. Take the time to fall in love with you, again.


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