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Today I am going to blow your mind with my favorite bish – the little black dress.

See, we used to not get along but then we became friends once I began to embrace me for me.  I didn’t wear fitted clothes because, my stomach wasn’t flat enough, my ass wasn’t fat enough, I am slightly knock kneed, and the list goes on.   But I got over myself (as much as I could) and I started wearing things that appealed to me.   The little black dress (LBD) is now my main chick, the thoroughest, my bestie, she is just #bae.  So when I’m feeling skin.tee (still working on getting over myself, so, don’t judge me), I pull her out and weeeerrrrrk it!

Imma show you how to diversify your sexy with one dress!  Of course, my LBD is the base for the three looks shared with you today.

Oh, did I tell you how attitude plays a major role into bringing a look together?

You can make this dress fit your mood.  My mood this day was sexy, I was totally into myself!  You always hear confidence is key but I would add embodying the “feel” you are trying to emote is just as important.  And since I was feeling sexy – I was giving off sexy vibes all up and through these looks.  I mean, if I do humbly say so myself.

Let’s start with the basic black dress and build from there.

Wearing all black with a red lip is instant sexy!  Throw in some “come hither” eyes and you are winning the sex appeal award for the evening ladies and gentlemen.  The dress is from Forever 21.  This is a couple of years old but here is a dress close to it.

Add some camo to the look to give an edgy, urban feel.

I bought the over-sized camo jacket from an army surplus store a few years ago in Chicago.  But you can find a similar look here.  The key is to roll up the sleeves, it takes the style level up a notch.


If you are in the mood for something a bit more playfully sexy try adding a knit over your LBD.

I when I say playful, I mean shutting the shit down… You can purchase a look alike cropped sweater here.  The shoes complimenting all my looks are no longer available but since I love you I found something better for you – click here!  I plan to buy these with my kid’s daycare money.  Just joking and you’re welcome.

The key is to be you and do what makes you feel good!

Seriously. Forget what everybody else is doing and dress for what resonates with you.  Tell me, would you rock any of these looks?  If not, how would you make the LBD more your style?  Drop your comments below.

Purchase black dress here.

Purchase oversized camo jacket here.

Purchase cropped knit sweater here.

Purchase some bomb black shoes here.


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