Bliss out in a vacationer’s dream—even with little ones in tow!
Atlantis, Bahamas

Written by  Aliya S. King

Atlantis, Bahamas

Atlantis, Bahamas

That makes Atlantis special could fill volumes. There is the largest open-air marine habitat, a 600-room resort within the hotel, a dolphin habitat and a flurry of nightclubs and fine dining. And of course, Atlantis has the largest casino in the Caribbean. And the 30,000-square-foot spa is just waiting to pamper the weariest of travelers.

Atlantis’s most recent addition may be its most special. On site, there is now a full-service vacation-style Kids Clubs for children. Little ones can play dress-up, take cooking classes with a full-service chef, have picnic lunches on the beach and dozens of other activities under full supervision. Now, the legendary resort is a full-service family adventure in the heart of the Bahamas—and the heart of luxury (; 888-877-7525).

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