Celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins offers you her best tips to staying fit over the season

Written by  Nina Hemphill Reeder


It’s easy to pack on the pounds over the holidays—especially when you are faced with questions like “can I get a grande-size amount of whipped cream on my tall peppermint latte” or “does watching football in my Snuggie count as aerobics?” When you add in shopping errands and family gatherings, maintaining your weight over a busy holiday schedule seems doubtful.

As a trainer to the stars, Jeanette Jenkins understands how to work around a hectic agenda. So to help you through the season, she offers her tips to fitting in fitness.

1) “Schedule your workouts in your agenda just like any other important meeting or event. Stop putting yourself last on the list and start putting yourself first.”

2) “To save on travel time, do a workout DVD at home like my new Sexy Abs with Kelly Rowland workout. It usually takes 30 minutes each way for most people to get to the gym. If you work out at home, you can usually save an hour or more to get other things done,” she says. Additionally, you won’t hav


e to brave the cold weather when you can exercise from the comfort of your own home,

3) “Choose an effective workout that includes two or three components of fitness, so you can maximize your results in less time.” She suggests combining circuit training or bootcamp for cardio and resistance training with power yoga for flexibility and toning.

4) “Do active things with your family and friends like skating, hiking, swimming, skiing, snowboarding, salsa dance classes, touch football or dancing. This way everyone can still visit with each other and burn calories at the same time.”

5) “Never give up and never throw in the towel.  Even if you didn't get your full workout, a 15-minute walk around the neighborhood or 15 minutes of calisthenics in the house will still make a difference. If all else fails, try this 15-minute circuit workout at home:

Do three sets of these five exercises.
Mountain Climbers (for one minute)
Crunches (for one minute)
Push-ups (for one minute)
Lateral Side Shuffles (for one minute)
Jogging on the Spot (for one minute)

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