Double Trouble

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Get a behind-the-scenes look at our sexy cover shoot with Reed Between The Lines stars Tracee Ellis Ross and Malcolm-Jamal Warner. For more on the dynamic duo, pick up our December/January issue on newsstands now!


Shot at W Atlanta-Downtown Hotel


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    Going in the season, there are a handful of coaches in the hot seat. Lindy Ruff has been with the Sabres considering the fact that 1997 and if he can not make the playoffs this season, his reign may possibly be over. The same goes for Barry Trotz of Nashville. With the Predators only going downhill from right here, it might be time for a new voice in the locker-area right after the coming failed season.
    In the Southeast Division, John Anderson and Peter DeBoer will make their debuts behind the benches of non-playoff teams in 07-08. Anderson's Thrashers should be just as negative as DeBoer's Panthers whilst Barry Melrose tends to make a coaching return with the Bolts. Melrose comes into a very good "win-win" predicament despite the fact that they need to do greater just after spending more than 250 million dollars in salaries for the duration of the offseason.
    An additional season is coming and the inquiries are endless going into the new season but only 1 actually matters who will win the Stanley Cup? Only time will tell.
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    But adequate about coaches, lets talk players.
    Los Angeles hired Terry Murray to run the operations of a rebuilding Kings group. The important word is "rebuilding" they are young and expectations are low going into this season as they ought to be. Of the new coaches, only rookie coach Todd Mclellan and Tony Granato are behind legitamte playoff teams.
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