Sanaa Lathan Gets Bossy

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The actress dishes on working on the Starz hit series Boss

These days a lot of people enjoy pretending to be a boss, but Sanaa Lathan actually gets paid to play the role. Her new gig as “Mona Fredricks” on the Kelsey Grammer-helmed Starz series, Boss, is one of her most powerful to date. We caught up with Lathan to get her take on her character and why she loves working on the second season of the critically-acclaimed series, which premiered on Starz on Aug. 17. —J.H.

10 Questions for Malik Yoba

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Malik Yoba has been a star of stage and screen for almost 20 years. Best known for his portrayal of J.C. Williams on the 90s hit drama, New York Undercover, Yoba has appeared in 10 other television pilots since. His newest series, SyFy’s Alphas is a science fiction thrill ride that will re-acquaint his fans with his smoldering sex appeal. We caught up with Malik to talk about superpowers, success and Hollywood.

10 Questions for James Lesure

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We caught up with James Lesure, the sexy star of the new TBS comedy Men at Work, to get his take on women, style and the real deal about Hollywood.


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