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4 Hot Acts to See Live

Looking for some good music to check out? We’ve got you covered. This list of hot acts is sure to get you in the groove. —J.H.


Currently on tour promoting his latest standout album A Love Surreal, Bilal’s live shows never disappoint. His energy is unmatched, and his vocals are like an instrument. Stocked full of hits (“Sometimes,” “All Matter”) and not afraid to do covers like Radiohead’s classic “High and Dry” Bilal is arguably one of the best live acts to catch these days. Visit bilalmusic.com for a full list of tour dates.

Rise of the Guardians director Peter Ramsey dishes on the Tooth Fairy, Santa and why he loves the Harlem Renaissance

Visions of sugar-plums won’t be the only thing dancing in the heads of bright-eyed boys and girls this holiday season. In fact, they’ll see a battle of machismo between Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, an overworked Tooth Fairy, a coy Sandman, a childish Jack Frost and an emotional Boogeyman in DreamWorks Animation’s fantasy-adventure film Rise of the Guardians, which opens Nov. 21. We sat down with the movie’s director Peter Ramsey, the first African-American to direct a big budget computer generated feature, to get his take on completing this groundbreaking work. —Satchel J. Jester

Wondering who the hot new chick is in Skyfall? It’s British actress Naomie Harris (28 Days Later), and she’s way more than just a pretty face - in the film and in real life. We caught up with 36 year-old Harris to get her take on playing the quick-witted, gun-toting Eve, and of course, what it was like filming that uber hot shaving scene with Daniel Craig. -J.H.


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