Kick 2011 off right with 20 wonderful ways to incorporate wellness into your life.

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The bliss list

Kick 2011 off right with 20 wonderful ways to incorporate wellness into your life


  1. Ask more questions—there’s a lot out there for you to learn.
  2. Do something to stand out more at work.
  3. Set aside some weekly alone time.
  4. Sleep more (get in a nap when you can).
  5. Meditate at the end of every day. We all need to nurture our spiritual side.
  6. Smile at three new people daily.
  7. Replace 12 bad foods by incorporating 12 new, healthier foods into your diet.
  8. Eat breakfast every day—even if it’s just a cup of 100 percent fruit juice.
  9. Learn to love tea without the added sweeteners.
  10. Keep your hands clean—figuratively and literally.
  11. Perfect your posture. Your mother was right: Stand up straight!
  12. If you haven’t already, STOP SMOKING! If cold turkey is too much, start cutting back until you can kick the habit completely.
  13. Rely less on your credit card and more on smart money management.
  14. Cut yourself some slack—award yourself with a gift every once in awhile.
  15. Give back or volunteer in your community.
  16. Commit to reading at least one self-help book, one autobiography and a historical novel this year.
  17. Explore a new hobby. Pottery making, belly dancing or kayaking, anyone?
  18. See an award-winning film.
  19. Embrace the arts: music, museums and plays.
  20. Set a fitness goal for yourself. Start with a daily walk around the neighborhood, run a 5K or learn a Salsa routine.


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