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Unsure and Uninsured?

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As mandated by the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare), health insurance is now a requirement in the new year. However, many Americans still remain confused about the new law and its complexities, so we polled our online audience to find out what questions they still had regarding the ACA law. We then took a few of these questions to our expert Ashley Allison of Enroll America, which is a nonpartisan nonprofit organization charged with the mission of enrolling uninsured Americans in a health insurance plan. Read below for your questions and her answers.

Ask your Obamacare questions

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The health insurance exchanges, one of the major components in the Obamacare law, open this month. But many Americans still remain confused about the new law and its complexities. So if you have a question about the Affordable Care Act and how it personally affects you, here is your chance to ask Ashley Allison of Enroll America. We will be posting her answers to a few of your questions within the next month.

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Active Attractions

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We show you how to have fun while burning calories on a last-minute Orlando vacation.

For many, it's the last chance for a summer vacation, so why not take advantage of Orlando's "deal season," which runs Aug. 15 to Sept. 30? And should you go, make it one of your most active vacations yet—by taking on all the theme parks.

In our July 2013 issue, we recently showcased Orlando as one of our fittest vacation destinations due to the city's many offerings for adventure and fitness enthusiasts. As Orlando is perhaps the most known for its theme parks, I decided to estimate how active I could really be while exploring some of these parks. So I strapped on my sports watch to see how many miles I could walk and calories I could burn while exploring five great Orlando theme parks: Disney's Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom, Universal's Islands of Adventures, Universal Studios Orlando and SeaWorld.


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