Giving Thanks

Written by  Bernard Bronner


Years ago, as president of Bronner Brothers and upscale magazine, I set a goal to become the world’s largest Christian-based company. I had no idea that I could achieve that goal by just surviving. Over the years, I have watched so many great companies go out of business or be sold to other companies. So during this Thanksgiving season, I give a heartfelt “thank you” to all of our supporters.


We have not just survived but grown. I remember, long ago, how excited I was when upscale was available on 35,000 newsstands in this country alone. I thought that was such a big accomplishment. But times have really changed—I am writing this Founder’s Desk page using my iPad and will read this issue on the same iPad. With all the new technology around, upscale is now available in digital form. Yes, it is available anywhere in the world and not just limited to the newsstands. You can get it whenever and wherever you are. We are excited about the future again. I am so glad that our advertising is growing again. We are going to work hard to promote the companies that support us. When I say us, I mean our community.

I am happy to welcome BMW as they join our other automotive companies—General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota and Nissan —who believe in us. Another company I am happy to welcome is Southwest Airlines. I have been a fan of Southwest all of my life, and I am going to schedule fun and exciting trips somewhere soon.

Let’s help those who help us to help us. Enjoy this issue and remember, no matter what you are going through, look for everything in your life that you are grateful for and always give thanks.

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