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Written by  Bernard Bronner

I had the pleasure of spending a week on the set of Rainforest Films’ production of Steve Harvey’s new movie Think Like a Man and hanging out with the film’s star, Kevin Hart. Kevin is hilarious and full of energy, making everybody laugh as they were trying to act. He was excited about the hundreds of thousands of advance tickets that were sold to his movie based on his sold-out comedy tour Laugh at My Pain, which is in theaters Sept. 9. I got a chance to see a sneak preview of it at the American Black Film Festival in Miami, and it is the funniest comedy
movie since Eddie Murphy’s Raw. We have to be proud of the work Kevin is doing. Our editors were also on set interviewing Mr. Hart for an upcoming issue, where he will share the secrets of his success, which we hope will empower our readers to achieve the same. You can get an
early glimpse of what Kevin had to say by ordering a digital copy of our August issue; just visit www.upscalemagazine.com to find out how.

Knowledge is power. Education, training and experience help develop that knowledge. My father used to say, “Your ecisions are no better than your information.” The more education you get, the more training you get and the more experience you get, the better your decisions. I don’t
have to tell you the power of making great decisions. In this issue, we profile the best and brightest schools—the schools that are producing the best and brightest minds (“Top Institutions of Excellence,” page 50).

We are going to keep on giving the best information we can until all of us can make great decisions and become upscale. The definition of “upscale,” according to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, is “relating to, being, or appealing to affluent consumers; also: of a superior quality.” Remember, there’s power in what you call yourself. You are upscale.

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