Grammy Awards Wrap-Up

Written by  Jacinta Howard

Music's finest--and loudest--pay their respects and celebrate their peers

The 54th Grammy Awards kicked off last Sunday night in L.A., with a host of great performances that spanned from legends like Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder, the Beach Boys and Bruce Springsteen to new generation singers like Katy Perry, Chris Brown and Alicia Keys. And though this year showcased the best performances in years, the mood of the star-studded event was definitively somber, due to the untimely death of music icon Whitney Houston, who was found dead in her Beverly Hilton Hotel room just the night before.

Check out the highs and lows of the awards show.

The Good

  • The short tribute to Whitney Houston at the beginning of the show. “Whitney, we will always love you,” L.L. said after delivering a heartfelt prayer. Also, Jennifer Hudson's restrained homage to Whitney.
  • L.L. Cool J licking his lips no less than 20 times within the first two minutes he was on the stage.
  • Adele returning to the stage after undergoing surgery to save her vocal chords, with a beautiful performance of “Rolling in the Deep” for which she received a long standing ovation.
  • Bruno Mars, who conjured Andre 3000, Frankie Limon, and Morris Day for a glittery performance in which he demanded the crowd, “get their rich as**s” out of their seats and party.
  • Chris Brown making his grand Grammy comeback by dancing on top of white Lego- blocks.

The Unfortunate:

  • A blonde-wigged Rihanna trashing up what had previously been a relatively clean and classy performance year with her unnecessary theatrics.
  • Ledisi not winning R&B album of the year for Pieces of Me.
  • Carrie Underwood’s gold-studded mermaid dress.
  • Lady Gaga’s fishnet facemask. Actually, just Lady Gaga.
  • Nicki Minaj’s spastic, borderline blasphemous performance of her new single, “ Roman Holiday.” Um, LSD anyone?

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