Atlanta’s Model Housewife

Written by  Anthonia A. Oyefesobi

Internationally acclaimed supermodel Cynthia Bailey is establishing new roots in the A-T-L. With a brand new hubby and a hot new gig as the newest addition to Bravo’s hit series The Real Housewives of Atlanta, she’s feeling right at home. But just in case we need a reminder of where she came from, here, she lays down her New York City swagger wearing high-fashion fit for low temperatures.




1. Skirtin Around long black wool skirt ($175): Ginger Howard Boutique, Atlanta; Sisters ombre stripe turtleneck and Scarf ($115): Nordstrom; Hat: San Diego Hat Company



2. Sisters burnt orange drape cardigan ($68): Nordstrom; Monies Feather Necklace ($475), Kamagong Wood Ring ($100): Designs2wear.com; Helen Frushtick black leather pants ($250): Helen Frushtick Furs, Atlanta


3. Kaufman Franco White Cutout Sheath Dress ($1,995): Neiman Marcus; Black 100 percent cashmere shawl with ranch mink tails ($3,995): Helen Frushtick Furs; Kenneth Jay Lane Hoop Earrings ($125)


4. White & Brown Fur Sleeveless Dress ($1,395): Piazzasempione.com; Monies white wood carved necklace ($325), Van Der Straeten Scheherazade large cuff ($1,160): Jeffrey’s Atlanta; Van Der Straeten Bo Ciselees GM Pierced Gold Earrings ($315): Jeffrey’s Atlanta


5. Piazza Sempione Wool Crepe Oil Paint Fish Print Dress ($1,395): Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman; Burberry olive green double-breasted coat with gold buttons ($ 2,395): Jeffrey’s Atlanta; Monies large gold bracelet ($375): Designs2wear.com; Camel boots: stylist’s own; Limited Edition Calani Aviators (price upon request):imageoptiks.com


6. Dyed Sahara Micro Sheared Beaver 7/8 Coat with Natural Demi-Buff Mink collar ($4,500): Helen Frushtick Furs; Piazza Sempione red leather suede long gloves ($780): Piazzasempione.com; Grain and patent woven leather belt ($207): Helen Frushtick Furs; Camel boots: stylist’s own.


Photography By: Blake Davenport
Styling By: Sunii Hendrix



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