D-Wade talks about his off-court style stats.

Written by  Nina Hemphill Reeder

dwyne wade

Dwyane Wade is quite the anomaly—not just for his skillful feats on the court, but also for his trendsetting style choices off of it. The 28-year-old NBA standout, who recently costarred in Just Wright with Queen Latifah and Common, says he’s quite comfortable in the distinguished gentleman role—even if it means getting routine facials.

The recently divorced Miami Heat guard, says he’s always determined to put his best foot—which is likely Gucci-clad—forward no matter what city he plays in. But the renowned baller is also a dedicated fan—of his two young sons Zaire, 8, and Zion, 3. “The things you have done in life that people already pat you on the back about [are cool],” he says. “It feels better for me when I get to see my kids smile about it or…talk on the playground about my accomplishments.”

Are there any hometown style influences that you’ve adopted?
Chicago is a place where they wear colors—they are not scared to throw on any colors. And I think that is one thing I bring with me today.

You were a huge Jordan fan growing up, so how heavy was your wardrobe back then in his apparel line?
Well, back then, it wasn’t heavy at all because I wasn’t able to afford it. So now, not only can I afford it, but I’m sponsored by the Jordan brand [and] I also got a relationship with my role model, Michael Jordan, so it’s phenomenal.

Jordan is known for his occasionally eclectic style choices. Anything he’s done that you’re not a fan of?
Not the denim thing, no. I did get some of my style from [him]. I’ve seen the way he carried himself and the way he dressed, so you try to represent yourself in that classy manner, but I didn’t say everything he wore was nice.

Any unique places you like to shop?
Oh, I don’t shop. That’s not my forte…But I like to be involved in my clothes. I tell [my stylist], “Everything that’s the new fashion that’s red, that’s hot, bring to the house, we are going to go through everything.” I have 22 looks set up in my house now. I kind of look at everything, say yay, nay—and see how we put it together.

Was there something your stylist really had to fight to get you in?
Well, the bowtie—that would be one example of something that I wasn’t feeling at all! We decided last year All-Star Weekend that I was going to let her just make me outfits—I came [to coach the Rookie Challenge] game, and I had on the vest with the bowtie and the smart glasses. I tell you, everybody laughed and everybody joked, and now I’m watching TV and actually I see Dwight Howard with a bowtie on last night. Now I see so many people going toward the bowtie look.

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