On camera or off, Terry Crews is all about the details.

Written by  Tamara Crockett

terry crews
Looking at the muscles on Terry Crews, you might not expect him to be an artist, an actor or a jazz flute player, but funnyman Crews, 42, is all of these—and so much more.

The retired NFL player stars in the TBS family sitcom Are We There Yet?, which begins airing new episodes in January, and along with his real-life wife and five kids is looking forward to season three of their BET reality show, The Family Crews. The workout fanatic’s skills were put to good use in the current action flick The Expendables alongside Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis and Jet Li. “Just to hold my own with these heavy hitters—it’s just an incredible, incredible thing,” says Crews. “This is the road that I’m traveling and I’m taking it.”

What has shaped your style?
I love the way men dress in Europe. I like my things to be very, very tailored. You know, working buttons and just all the way down to the detail. I’m big on the details.

Is it hard to find clothes that fit properly? It’s almost impossible, so I gave up trying to find things that fit…You grab things that don’t fit, but you get yourself the best tailor you can find.

What’s your everyday style like? Real understated. I like to show off my body and where I am at and I think the simple stuff, like a nice J. Crew collared shirt and some cool jeans, can really hit it off. Even some American Apparel—just throw on a nice v-neck tee with some good jeans or some nice shoes— just very simple. Never, never, never skimp on the shoes—bad shoes will ruin everything.

You’re known for having a bald head—what does your grooming regimen entail?
I’ve got a wrinkly head and everybody knows that, so it’s kind of become my thing. I’m not really bald at all—I have a head full of hair. I use the Gillette Fusion Power [razor]. I’m strictly a Kiehl’s user, big time! I have pretty much everything they make, but I do exfoliate. After I shave the whole thing I’ve got to get some moisturizer. I’ve got this Kiehl’s, which is this aftershave and it’s got a little bit of sunscreen in it, ’cause us black men, we still need that, and I’m good to go.

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